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What customers are saying?
From: william tatum
Very informative and knowlegable presentation about New York City.In addition to having a great attitude. All New Yorker's are not mean people as the saying goes.
From: Nina Kovacina
I purchased a 48 hour ticket for the Brooklyn, uptown, downtown and night lights tours. I loved all the routes and the tours. I also purchased a ticket to Woodbury Common.

I loved all the tours and the stops.. All of the guides were amazing in particular Jose and Cinammon. They were very informative about the local area-where to shop, what the area is known for and interesting facts and information only locals know. They answered all questions and delivered excellent customer service.

I would suggest that you do clarify the bus stop location for the night lights tour as I attended one of the stops listed on my map and there was nobody there. I ran to the other in a panic in fear I had missed or would miss the bus.

Also when people pick up their Woodbury Common bus tickets you should not be giving them a piece of paper that has buses past 6 pm only to be told by the bus driver when they get to Woodbury that that is in fact not the case.

Loved the free bike ride and discount restaurant card.

I will be recommending your services to visitors to NYC.

Thanks and keep it up!
From: Soly Pantoja
I took a boat cruise tour on my vacation for xmas in NYC. Richie Pennrik (I think) was my superb tour guide. I asked his name and forgot. I was on the twilight cruise on 12/27/14 and it was a beautiful tour. I saw statue of liberty, and the skyline during twilight cruise. the tour guide was so great and excellent. even the whole crowd applauded and clapped when he was finished and everyone was so happy. he was skillful and polite and made trip so much fun. my great compliments to this tour company and to Richie p. for his wonderful and thoughtful, energetic and detailed tour. I will definitely recommend. thank you. it was worth the money and it will be memorable thanks to the awesome crew and tour guide. customer service goes a long way and it really shows. thank you for the helpful and knowledgeable informative tour. best.
From: Sarah Caverly
I brought my mom to NYC for the first time and purchased a 2 day hop on hop off plus cruise for our adventures. There was an error in our package; however the agent at the Grey Line offices - Regina - was wonderful! She assisted us in explaining what had occurred & the help we needed. While we had to wait a bit she was wonderful throughout and even offered additional adventures to us. I truly appreciated her patience and optimism. In addition, all of our tours were great. My mom enjoyed her trip and was able to see almost all of NYC! Please tell Regina and her supervisor thank you for a great experience!
From: Marianna Paulson
My husband and I recently booked a 48 hour NYC All Loops tour.

One employee stands out for us. We purchased our tickets from Romeo Ulrich who was pounding the pavement.

Romeo was pleasant and polite. He also carefully explained the merits of all the plans, rather than zipping through them, as some vendors did. He also took the time to walk with us to get the pass card and take us to the area where we could get on the bus.

We ran into him the next day, and he remembered us! That's customer service!

If you haven't done so, I think you need to a) give him an award and b) a raise! :)

From: Whitney Hughes
The tour itself is really fun & our tour guides were awesome & funny. Get a lot of information about the city & being able to get off & on at different locations is nice. If u want to go on every loop it's best to just stay on the bus & not get off or take 2 whole days to do it. We paid for the cruise tour also while in nyc & never got to go bc they stop at 4 pm. Best advice set aside a good bit of time (days) to see it all! But I def recommend it bc it's way better than taking a cab or trying to walk so far.
From: Chuck Detore
took the uptown tour with mr. Brown & Lauro---they were great. Funny,informative and very accommodating !!
From: Julie Smith
Hi, my parents have just returned from their first visit to your wonderful city and were delighted at the service they received by Gray line. They were treated so well as they mentioned it was their ruby wedding anniversary and a mr mc nab in particular gave them great advice n restaurants. Thank you fr making their trip so special! Julie
From: P. A.
Three of us started the Downtown Loop Plus around at 10am yesterday 2nd June. The reputation of this tour is very well-deserved!!! We did enjoyed it thoroughly
From: A. Duran
Good and bad. The bad: 3 of us purchased 2-day bus tour tickets for Thurs/Fri Oct. 11/12. Two busses had so-so tour guides but one was horrible (this was bus #326 on Friday, late morning. She was yelling into the mic, had the mic close to her mouth and you could not understand her. Many on the bus were not happy. Since this was my 1st and (hopefully not) my last trip to NY that can really be disheartening.
The good: We took the Friday night tour and the tour guide and driver were really good. I cannot remember her name but the driver's name was Robinson. It was freezing cold and she commented that she had worked all day but still very pleasant, nice voice, informative and I think some of your other people (bus 326 tour guide.....not driver, driver was good) could take a lesson.
Thank you.
From: Susan Telfer
Took a six-hour tour on Saturday, 4/28. As a New York transplant, I thought I knew a lot about the city. I was so pleasantly surprised at how much more I and my husband learned and enjoyed thanks to Serge our tour director.

Watched him wrestle with those tickets. They aren't very user friendly and create a very poor impression, but the tour was just great.
From: Sharon Hoffman
I took the 8 hour Manhattan Experience tour Tuesday 4/24. I liked having the experience of touring all of Manhattan and commend the driver we had on how he manuevered in the traffic. I was displeased that some of the walking elements listed on the WEB site did not occur: Little Italy, Wall Street and the World Trade Center. I also felt that our guide frequently would wonder off more on his personal travel instead of staying on track with the tour itself.
From: Maegan Drummond
I went on the grayline tour on Wed April 11th and Alex was our tour guide. This was my first time to NYC and this tour was great! Alex was the best! He was friendly, knowledgable and super funny! We enjoyed the fact that he was actually from NYC and he had some great recommendations for shopping and eating. Great job Alex!
From: Susan Pivk
LOVED the live tourguides we had. They were entertaining and funny. They were knowledgable and informative. I was very pleased with 3 of the 4 guides we had.
One guide did nothing but talk on his cell phone the while time. The recording was playing, but it wasn't working more than 75% of the time. The guide didn't know how to fix it, nor did he seem to care that we were unhappy. We would have gotten off from his bus, but didn't want to wait for another available space upstairs again.
This horrible guide (male, African-American, late 20's) was on the downtown tour on Friday, April 13 running about 3pm.
The other guides, Debra and Matt were FANTASTIC!
From: Tim Connolly
I just spent last weekend in New York. As part of my visit I took a city tour with Grayline. 3 out of the 4 tours were awesome. They were manned by Matt, Debra, and one other guy (didn't get name). Their knowledge of the city was amazing, their humor entertaining, and their friendliness welcoming. The other tour did not have a live tourguide. We were forced to use headsets and listen to a soundtrack that didn't work most of the time, and when it did it was always way off from where we were in the city. The ticket agent had no idea how to fix it and was apparently not prepared to take over as tourguide when the prerecorded system failed. This feedback is my plea to PLEASE DO NOT get rid of your live tourguides. They provide a unique touring experience of New York that is always current and engaging. They bring with them the personality of the city, they bring New York to life. My impression is that Grayline intends to replace all their live tourguides with a prerecorded service. Let me tell you, that I for one, would never take one of your tours again if you did this. As it stands now, I had enough good experiences with the live tourguides that worked for your company that I would use your service again. Thanks for listening.
From: Sarah Mayer
My husband and I were in New York last week and did the tour bus as our main transportation through the city. We loved it all the tour guides were very informative and helpful. We especially liked alfredo he was amazing. He even remembered my name. We would recomend this tour to anyone, it was great.
From: Sarah Mayer
My Husband and I traveled to New York City last week and we just wanted to say that your tour guide Alfredo is amazing. He was very informative and very helpful. He even remembered my name which was amazing after one of our tours. This is the best tour guide I have had in a long time, definately loved Alfrado as a tour guide. We used the tour bus as our means of transportation in New York but we didn't ever want to get off the tour bus that Alfrado was our guide he was just great and made us smile.
From: Eric and Tina Fan
Andrew (Click! Click!) our evening tour guide made our 1st trip to New York very exciting, great enthusiasm, and excellent history with engaging conversation. I would recommend four folks who is visiting New York take his tour. We really enjoyed his humor and thank you for showing us around New York... Mr. Click! Click! (International Langauage for taking pictures)..

E and T Fan
From: Gary Grinnell
On 2/18/12 waited for 50 minutes for bus in Battery Park. There were literally hundreds of people waiting and no buses. For poor planning by your company especially for a Saturday afternoon and on a cold day! Then your tour guides had the audacity to ask several times for tips during the tour. Considering what we spent for a 48 hour pass - not impressed with your company.
From: Beth Matta
Absolutely loves the tours. My husband and I were just in the city. Bought a 48 hour pass. Heather was great. She new so much history. Great suggestions to get off at stops too. Loved the water tour too. Used you in DC. Loved you guys then too. I will recommend your tours to everyone.
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