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Term agreement:
Local Advantage tickets purchased must be redeemed within 7 days of purchase. Local Advantage resident must present valid driver's license at the time of redemption, the only driver's license accepted is the number registered with the account. Local Advantage customer must bring the credit card that he/she  opened the account with or the purchases will be denied. Local Advantage resident will be require to pay full price for the free tickets if the exact same driver's license used to open the account is not presented at the time of redemption. Guests of Local Advantage residents using the free tickets purchased must accompany and be present at the time of redemption with the Local Advantage resident. Valid photo ID for each accompanying guests must also be presented, or Local Advantage resident will need to pay full price for the free tickets. Gray Line New York reserves the right to cancel this program at anytime without notice.

All subscriber information is kept strictly confidential. You hereby agree to provide Local Advantage with your driver's license identification number for the purpose of verifying your membership in Local Advantage.

E-mail addresses will be used to provide updates on special promotions. We may also make your e-mail address available to some valuable sponsors on occasion.

I have read and understood and agree to all terms and condition listed above. I am providing my full approval to all the terms and condition to enroll in the Local Advantage program.

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