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Elmhurst Neighborhood Guide

The Elmhurst neighborhood is bounded by Roosevelt Avenue on the North, the Long Island Expressway on the South, Junction Boulevard on the East, and the New York Connecting Railroad on the West. The New York Connecting Railroad links New York City and Long Island to the mainland.

Elmhurst is a thriving region of multi-family homes and apartment buildings. The neighborhood has always been a haven for immigrants and most recently, you can readily see the influence of those from Asia and Latin America. It’s a great place for diverse culinary options as it’s considered one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in NYC. It is home to the enormous Queens Center shopping mall and you’ll find plenty of specialty grocers along with fruit and vegetable markets. Jackson Heights neighborhood is just to the north and Corona to the East, and will be included in the following recommendations of places to go and things to see.

Consider staying in Elmhurst if:

  • You’re looking for unpretentious affordability.
  • You’re seeking a gastronomic adventure.
  • You want good subway options to get to other parts of New York City.

Highlights In and Around Elmhurst:

  • Flushing Meadows – Corona Park
    • Queens Museum
    • Queens Botanical Garden
    • New York Hall of Science
    • Citi Field
    • U.S. Open
  • Louis Armstrong House – 45-minute tour includes plenty of his musical recordings.
  • Queens Center – a Shopper's Paradise.
  • Terraza – Offbeat venue for poetry, live music, film screenings, and more with full bar.

Elmhurst Eateries

  • Roosevelt Avenue – Latin American food carts on every corner and so much more.
  • Arepa Lady – Street food legend opened a brick and mortar as well.
  • Lamoon – Specializes in cuisine of Lanna, the “kingdom of a million rice fields.” Thai.
  • Little House Café – Malaysian. Get a Golden Pillow, a chicken curry bun big as a volleyball.
  • Louie’s Pizzeria and Restaurant – Fresh, homemade Italian pasta.
  • Patacon Pisao – The awning reads “The true taste of Venezuelan Cuisine.”
  • JoJu Modern Vietnamese Sandwiches
  • Sky Café – Indonesian rice noodles and peanut sauce.

Place to Stay

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