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Greenwich Village Neighborhood Guide

Greenwich village is bounded by 14th Street to the North, Broadway to the East, Houston Street to the South, and the Hudson River to the West. Streets in the Village are named rather than numbered as they are in much of NYC. Washington Square Park is at its center.

Once the epicenter of the 1960’s counterculture, the tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village are now a hub of cafes, restaurants, bars, jazz clubs and boutiques, all with the famous NY edge. Quaint brownstones and carriage houses line the small streets. NYU is in the Village and appropriately, businesses cater to that demographic. The famous Magnolia Bakery is there on Bleecker Street, and much of the neighborhood has a European feel.

A Great Place to Stay if

  • You want to be in the heart of it all – Lots of people, trendy, easy transportation
  • You think it would be fun to “live like a local.”

Greenwich Village Highlights

  • Washington Square Arch – Replica of Arch in Paris, at Washington Square Park. Iconic location with lots of events going on.
  • MacDougal Street – Historic street loaded with restaurants and bars
  • IFC Center – Screens independent movies. Go here!
  • Comedy Cellar New York – Located at Olive Tree Café and Bar, this famous spot attracts celebrities like Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart and Dave Chapelle to WATCH!
  • Rubin Museum of Art – Explore the art, cultures and ideas of Himalyan regions.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace – Entry is free; visit to the period rooms is guided-tour only.
  • Children’s Museum of the Arts – Get artsy with the kids at the hands-on museum that really gives young ones a great time creating and exploring.
  • Grey Art Gallery – New York University’s Fine art museum.
  • The “Friends” Apartment – The exterior of the sitcom’s apartment was shot at the corner of Bedford and Grove. You’ll know it by the people taking pictures.
  • White Horse Tavern – Famous because it was the go-to bar for writers and poets such as Dylan Thomas and friends.
  • Café Wha? – Energetic house bands entertain at the former hangout of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Peter, Paul & Marry, Woody Allen, to name a few.

Greenwich Village Public Transportation

  • By Subway
    • The 1, 2, and 3 lines run under 7th Avenue, with the 1 stopping at Christopher Street station (next to the picturesque Sheridan Square) and all three stopping at 14th Street (a passageway allows free transfer to 14th St./6th Av. station).
    • The A, B, C, D, E, F, and M lines stop in the middle of the Village at the West 4th Street station (at the intersection of West 4th Street and 6th Avenue), with the A, C, and E serving 14th St. and 8th Av. station and the F and M lines serving 14th St. and 6th Av. station (a passageway at 14th St./6th Av. allows free transfer to 14th St./7th Av. station).
    • The R and W line runs under Broadway, along with the N at night and on weekends, serving the 8th Street NYU and Union Square stations on the edge of the neighborhood.
    • The L line runs under 14th Street, stopping at the 14th St./6th Av., 14th St./8th Av., and Union Square stations.
    • The 4, 5, 6, and Q lines also serve Union Square
  • By PATH - The PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) train, a subway-style transit system, is convenient and inexpensive for going to points on 6th Av. up to 33 St. (one block east of Penn Station) and to Hoboken and Journal Square in New Jersey. can transfer from Journal Square to the PATH line that terminates at Newark - Penn Station (not to be confused with New York's Penn Station),and get from there to Newark Airport by local Newark bus. Within Greenwich Village, the PATH stops at Christopher St. between Hudson and Greenwich Sts. and at both 9th St. and 14th St. at 6th Avenue.
  • By Bus
    • The M20 goes uptown on Hudson St. and 8th Av., downtown on 7th Av.
    • The M5 and M6 go uptown on 6th Av.. The M6 goes downtown on Broadway, the M5 on 5th Av. to 8th St., then east on 8th and downtown on Broadway to its terminus on Houston St.
    • The M3 goes uptown on University Place and downtown on 5th Av.
    • The M2 goes uptown on 4th Av. and downtown on 5th Av.
    • The M11 goes uptown on Greenwich St. and downtown on Hudson St. to and from Abingdon Square.
    • There is also the M7, which has its downtown terminus on 14th St. and Broadway, just south of Union Square.
    • The M14 goes across 14th St.
    • The M8 goes west on 9th and Christopher Sts., east on 10th and 8th Sts.

Places to Stay

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