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NOHO Neighborhood Guide

NoHo stands for “North of Houston Street” and is bounded by Mercer Street to the West and the Bowery to the East. The Northern boundary is East 9th Street, and of course Houston Street is the Southern boundary.

NoHo is a small, trendy neighborhood primarily made up of loft apartments, which in turn makes it an expensive and desirable neighborhood. Upscale bars and stylish restaurants draw the well-heeled crowd. This former warehouse and retail district is an historic area with over a hundred buildings ranging from the early 19th century to the present. Occupying only a few blocks, NoHo makes a big, appealing splash.

Stay in NoHo if:

  • You’d like to stay in an eclectic, bohemian bubble with all the benefits of downtown.
  • You like a stimulating environment that is not as crowded as SoHo or Greenwich.
  • You’re in NYC for architecture and arts.
  • You want easy access to public transportation.

NoHo Attractions

  • Colonnade Row – Landmarked series of Greek Revival buildings built in early 1830’s.
  • Astor Place Theatre – Off-Broadway house in Colonnade Row.
  • Merchant’s House Museum – A glimpse into lives of a wealthy merchant-class family.
  • Joe’s Pub at the Public – Theater that supports young artists. Lady Gaga and Leonard Cohen have performed here.
  • Sheen Center for Thought and Culture
  • Walking – Roam the neighborhood to see eclectic mix of facades in all types of architecture.
  • Lots of coffee shops and boutiques.

Places to Stay

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