Plan Your Trip to NYC

Plan Your Trip to NYC

Planning a trip to New York City can be exciting -- and overwhelming. We've curated the best advice to help you simplify your research and plan the trip of a lifetime.

And if you still have questions, no problem – our Live Chat concierge is here to help with any questions you might have!

When To Go

Every season in New York City has something special to offer.  Check out our Seasonal Guide to New York City for a list of annual events, tips and tricks to make the most your visit, no matter what time of year.

Choosing an Airport

There aren’t many other cities in the world where you have 3 options.  Wondering which airport you should choose? Check out our NYC Airport Primer for reasons you might want to choose one over another.

What To Do

There is no shortage of amazing things to do in NYC.  If it’s your first visit, we highly recommend taking a look at our 72-hour Guide -  a comprehensive recommendation for getting the most out   of a 3-day visit. If you’ve been to NYC before but want a different perspective this time, check out our recommendations for the Best Places to see the Skyline or to View the Statue of Liberty - guaranteed there will be places you haven’t been.